The Matchmakers of Butternut Creek

November 20, 2012

a Butternut Creek novel

Matchmakers of Butternut Creek, Jane Myers Perrine

A traumatic experience as a college freshman has left Gussie Milton ‘once bitten, twice shy.’ Although she’d like a relationship, she’s frightened, so she’s thrown herself into caring for her aging parents, her photography business, and her church. In the eyes of Miss Birdie and her friend Mercedes, aka ‘the Widows,’ Gussie would make their young pastor the perfect wife. And though the attraction proves mutual, first Gussie’s past and then the pastor’s hopes for the future threaten to keep them apart. Can the Widows’ meddling be the catalyst that changes the couple’s lives forever?

The Matchmakers of Butternut Creek, Jane Myers Perrine [link]
Published by FaithWords: November 20, 2012

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The Welcome Committee of Butternut Creek, Jane Myers Perrine

April 3, 2012

a heart-warming tale of small-town America

Welcome Committee Butternut Creek, Jane Myers Perrine

Upon his arrival, Butternut Creek Christian Church’s newly-minted minister is met by a welcome committee led by Miss Birdie and her friend Mercedes, a.k.a. “the Widows.” Their first order of business, to educate him on how things should be done, quickly gives way to a campaign to find him a wife.

When their matchmaking efforts fizzle, the Widows turn to another new bachelor. Amputee and Afghan vet Sam simply wants to be left alone– a desire that’s as good as a red flag to the Widows! Soon they’re scheming to pair him up with Willow, his beautiful physical therapist, a divorced mother of two who is afraid of commitment, Perrine’s small-town tale is a big-time triumph of gentle humor, fast-paced plot, and wonderfully engaging characters.

The Welcome Committee of Butternut Creek, Jane Myers Perrine [link]
Published by FaithWords: April 3, 2012

Jane visited the blog yesterday to talk about small town living and inspiration for the Butternut Creek series. You can read her post here.

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Jane Myers Perrine and small town living

April 2, 2012

Guest post from FaithWords author Jane Myers Perrine, whose novel, The Welcome Committee of Butternut Creek, the first in a series, comes out tomorrow.

Welcome Committee Butternut Creek, Jane Myers PerrineWe lived at Buchanan Dam, TX, for seven years while my husband served a church in Burnet, TX. When he retired, we moved into Austin to be close to doctors and stores and movies.

The entire population of Buchanan Dam is less than two thousand scattered around the shore of Lake Buchanan. Our subdivision consisted of five houses and wonderful neighbors. We took care of each other. We called on each other. We supported each other.

Our last day there, I stayed behind to supervise the movers. After the final box was packed, the neighbors gathered to say goodbye. As we stood on the porch, I looked out over the lake and around at the thick foliage enclosing us in lacy shadows. Then I studied our dear neighbors. One, a young nurse, had terminal cancer but she’d driven down in her electric scooter. Another had lost her husband months earlier and George had conducted the funeral. The couple that lived at the bottom of our driveway and watched over everyone had climbed the steep driveway. I stood in the calm and the beauty of this place, feeling the love of our neighbors and wondered, “Why are we leaving?”

As I began the Tales from Butternut Creek series, I wanted to convey this, how people in a small town care for each other. The feel of a small town is made up of football games and marching bands, of seeing friends and church members at the grocery and the Subway. It’s going to church, volunteering at the food pantry, and providing meals for those who’ve lost a loved one. It’s so many things. How could I capture those?

Gradually, an image formed in my mind of a young minister called to a church in Butternut Creek, being welcomed by church members and neighbors and falling in love with the town. Does this happen in cities and in neighborhoods? Of course, but it seems easier and more likely in a small town.

Please join us in Butternut Creek. Pour yourself a glass of tea, settle down, and sit a spell.

Jane Myers PerrineA Missouri native, Jane Myers Perrine earned her B.A. from Kansas State University and her M.Ed. in Spanish from the University of Louisville. She was a finalist in the Regency category of the Golden Heart Awards, and her short pieces have appeared in the Houston Chronicle and Woman’s World magazine. A high-school Spanish teacher as well as an ordained minister, she currently lives in Texas with her husband, who is the minister of a local Christian church. You can find her online at

In addition to the FaithWords blog, Jane will also be appearing at various other blogs around the web this week to celebrate her book’s release. Follow #butternutcreek on Twitter or follow Jane on Twitter or Facebook to see everywhere she visits. If you review the book or have Jane stop by, please leave us the link!

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