Fatherless, a novel

January 15, 2013

The first book in the dystopian Fatherless series

Fatherless, Dr. James Dobson and Kurt Bruner

The year is 2042, and a long-predicted tipping point has arrived. For the first time in human history, the economic pyramid has flipped: The feeble old now outnumber the vigorous young, and this untenable situation is intensifying a battle between competing cultural agendas. Reporter Julia Davidson-a formerly award-winning journalist seeking to revive a flagging career-is investigating the growing crisis, unaware that her activity makes her a pawn in an ominous conspiracy. Plagued by nightmares about her absent father, Julia finds herself drawn to the quiet strength of a man she meets at a friend’s church. As the engrossing plot of FATHERLESS unfolds, Julia will face choices that pit professional success against personal survival in an increasingly uncertain and dangerous world.

In the dystopian tradition of books like 1984, Brave New World, and The Hunger Games, FATHERLESS vividly imagines a future in which present-day trends come to sinister fruition. The second and third books in the series, CHILDLESS and GODLESS, will follow.

Fatherless, Dr. James Dobson and Kurt Bruner [link]
Published by FaithWords: January 15, 2013
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The Matchmakers of Butternut Creek

November 20, 2012

a Butternut Creek novel

Matchmakers of Butternut Creek, Jane Myers Perrine

A traumatic experience as a college freshman has left Gussie Milton ‘once bitten, twice shy.’ Although she’d like a relationship, she’s frightened, so she’s thrown herself into caring for her aging parents, her photography business, and her church. In the eyes of Miss Birdie and her friend Mercedes, aka ‘the Widows,’ Gussie would make their young pastor the perfect wife. And though the attraction proves mutual, first Gussie’s past and then the pastor’s hopes for the future threaten to keep them apart. Can the Widows’ meddling be the catalyst that changes the couple’s lives forever?

The Matchmakers of Butternut Creek, Jane Myers Perrine [link]
Published by FaithWords: November 20, 2012

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Cross Roads

November 13, 2012

a new novel from the author of THE SHACK

Cross Roads, Wm Paul Young

Anthony Spencer is egotistical, proud of being a self-made business success at the peak of his game, even though the cost of winning was painfully high. A cerebral hemorrhage leaves Tony comatose in a hospital ICU. He ‘awakens’ to find himself in a surreal world, a ‘living’ landscape that mirrors dimensions of his earthly life, from the beautiful to the corrupt. It is here that he has vivid interactions with others he assumes are projections of his own subconscious, but whose directions he follows nonetheless with the possibility that they might lead to authenticity and perhaps, redemption. The adventure draws Tony into deep relational entanglements where he is able to ‘see’ through the literal eyes and experiences of others, but is “blind” to the consequences of hiding his personal agenda and loss that emerge to war against the processes of healing and trust. Will this unexpected coalescing of events cause Tony to examine his life and realize he built a house of cards on the poisoned grounds of a broken heart? Will he also have the courage to make a critical choice that can undo a major injustice he set in motion before falling into a coma?

Cross Roads, Wm. Paul Young [link]
Published by FaithWords: November 13, 2012

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Kiss of Death

October 9, 2012

the 2nd book in the Kiss Triology

Kiss of Death, Debbie Viguie

In the wake of a failed attempt to defeat the vampire Richelieu, Susan and her friends are weakened and divided. Raphael must set aside his animosity and join with his enigmatic sire Gabriel to discover a powerful weapon before Richelieu claims it. Meanwhile, Susan and her cousin Wendy translate a 12th century diary belonging to their ancestor, Carissa, to learn the origin of their family’s connection with the vampires. As Carissa’s story of love and betrayal unfolds, they discover the secrets of the present will only be revealed by solving the mysteries of the past.

Kiss of Night, Debbie Viguie [link]
Published by FaithWords: October 9, 2012

Editing Kiss of Death, the second book in the Kiss Trilogy

October 8, 2012

Christina Boys on Editing KISS OF DEATH by Debbie Viguié

From WikipediaWhat I love about fiction is how an author can string together words on a page and make me feel something. Finding yourself crying or laughing out loud at work when you’re a fiction editor is a good sign (well, most of the time…). And just like any reader with a great book, I can get a bit too caught up in my work.

It was February, and I was reading the revised manuscript of Debbie Viguié’s KISS OF DEATH. You know how when you’re reading a really great book, sometimes you feel like you’re in the story? Well, that’s where I was—in St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague, not in my office. I was only vaguely aware of the world outside as the sun set and the last of my coworkers called goodnight as they left for the evening.

The crowds were departing, leaving Susan and her friends alone in the flickering shadows of the sanctuary.

I happily settled further into my chair as the office became silent, and the lights in the hall clicked off.

They were alone…for now.

I heard a distant door open and close. I paused, looked up, but the motion-sensitive lights in the hall didn’t come on so it must have been somewhere else on the floor.

They were setting a trap for an evil and monstrous foe.

I thought I heard a faint sound. I put the pages down, went to the doorway, looked around. No one there. Clearly I was getting too caught up in the story, but I love when that happens and got back to it.

As they expected, the vampire arrived.

That nagging feeling of not being alone kept trying to tug me out of the story. I went to the doorway of my office and listened. Nothing…wait…there it was again, a faint noise coming from the kitchen. Must be the cleaning person. Of course it was. I waved my arms around to trigger the motion-sensitive lights so the person would know someone was still here and closed the door to my office so I could focus. Then I locked the door, because, well, what if it wasn’t the cleaning person? I went back to reading.

He was more powerful than they’d realized—

I could hear a faint rustling sound beyond the door.

—and he was stalking toward them.

Another rustling, this time closer.

There was no escape—

Rustle rustle.

—they were trapped.

It occurred to me that when the person got to my door and found it locked, he or she would abruptly try the handle. Not only would that freak me out, I’d have to stop reading, open the door, and awkwardly try to explain why I locked myself alone in my office. So I unlocked the door, then ventured bravely out into the hall. Still no sign of anyone, no sound. But this time I stayed in the middle of the hall…waiting. Sure enough the cleaning guy emerged from the office next to mine. He jerked in surprise and almost dropped the wastebasket in his hand when he found me standing there, watching him. Poor guy.

Read an excerpt of KISS OF DEATH by Debbie Viguié.

Kiss of Death by Debbie Viguié will publish tomorrow, October 9, 2012.

For Such a Time as This, a Women of Hope novel

August 14, 2012

the first in a new historical fiction series by Ginny Aiken

For Such A Time As This, Ginny Aiken

Drought has forced farmers around the small town of Bountiful in the Hope region of Oregon to mortgage their property. Then word comes of plans for a spur line to run through the area and join the railroad in nearby Milton. Folks with money see an opportunity to fill their coffers by buying farmland cheap then selling to the railroad for a profit. The Bank of Bountiful, owned by Eli Whitman, appears to be doing that, as well.

Widowed two years earlier, Eli, with a son and daughter to raise, sought a hard-working, educated Christian woman to care for them and his home. Olivia Moore filled the bill, and as soon as Eli recognized her as an excellent investment, he offered her first employment then a marriage of convenience.

While Olivia is an excellent choice, her large family gives Eli pause. He knows about the problems posed by in-laws, so he will do whatever it takes to avoid a repeat of his earlier experiences.

When Papa tells Olivia the Moore family must move according to Eli’s terms for the new railroad line, she fears for their safety, since they’ll be homeless during winter. Where will they go? How will they survive?

It is up to Olivia to convince her husband to renege on his demands, though she swore before their marriage she would stay out of his business.

For Such a Time as This, Ginny Aiken [link]
Published by FaithWords: August 1, 2012

Reunion, a novel

July 17, 2012

a contemporary, inspirational novel from Lauraine Snelling

Reunion, Lauraine Snelling

Keira Johnson, a 50-year-old mother of two grown sons, believes she lives a good Christian life without secrets– until she discovers a life-jarring fact her late mother kept hidden all her life. Kiera was born out of wedlock, and the man she had always known as her father had adopted her as an infant.

Meanwhile, Keira’s beloved 17-year-old niece, Kirsten, has just discovered an unwanted pregnancy. Her boyfriend, Jose, is bound for college and Kirsten does not know what to do. As the family comes together for a reunion, Keira and Kirsten struggle with their fractured pasts and jumbled present. Will truth and honesty be the catalysts that allow the entire family to find peace?

Inspired by events in Lauraine Snelling‘s own life, Reunion is the author’s finest novel to date.

Reunion, Lauraine Snelling [link]
Published by FaithWords: July 17, 2012

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