The Other Side of Suffering, John Ramsey

The Father of JonBenet Ramsey Tells the Story of His Journey from Grief to Grace

The Other Side of Suffering, John Ramsey

The untold story of how John Ramsey survived unspeakable tragedy and learned to hope again.

Like the biblical Job, John Ramsey had it all-wealthy, social position, a loving family. And like Job, Ramsey was destined for great affliction, as many of the most precious things in his life were cruelly taken from him.

In this remarkable book, Ramsey reveals how he was sustained by faith during the long period of spiritual darkness, and he offers hope and encouragement to others who suffer tragedy and injustice.

The Other Side of Suffering, John Ramsey [link]
Published by FaithWords: March 14, 2012


One Response to The Other Side of Suffering, John Ramsey

  1. Judy Miller says:

    John, I absolutely loved your book. You showed an honesty during your faith journey that many of us can relate to, even if we cannot relate to the amount of suffering that you have endured. Your helpful suggestions for how to try to reenter life after a tragedy were also very honest and I am sure will be helpful to many. God bless you “as the best years are still ahead of you”. We as Christians can say this as we know what awaits us with Christ.

    Also your discussion of Satan was very important and I believe something that we unfortunately ignore. When we are in a battle, we need to know who we are battling with and that Satan will go to all lengths to win that battle. I also enjoyed many of the quotes and references of many learned individuals in the religious field; C.S. Lewis, Victor Frankel. I am glad that you told how your family is now doing and it warms my heart to hear about the grandchildren. We just got a call tonight from our youngest grandchild(4 yrs old) to wish us “Happy Grandparents Day”! He was so cute and it was much better than a card.

    Again, God bless you and your family in your future walk with God.

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