The Seven Prayers God Always Answers, Jason Frenn

God’s Promises for Everyone, Everywhere, Every Time

Seven Prayers God Always Answers, Jason Frenn

THE SEVEN PRAYERS GOD ALWAYS ANSWERS offers biblical insights into the power of prayer. It is designed to help readers pray and see the results that they pray for.

This book gives insight into the prayers that God always answers. It will help readers to understand God’s heart so that they can pray in accordance with His will. There are many topics of prayer that this book discusses including; praise, thanksgiving, confession, intercession, and petition. Jason Frenn says, “My desire is that this book completely transforms your life!”

The Seven Prayers God Always Answers, Jason Frenn (link)
Published by FaithWords, October 19, 2011


One Response to The Seven Prayers God Always Answers, Jason Frenn

  1. debbonilla says:

    I would like to share my testimony: Last year, I had a health scare as I was driving on a busy freeway. I almost passed out behind the wheel, but thankfully I was able to safely pull over to the shoulder. When I saw my doctor the next day, it turned out that my blood pressure… was 180/110. I was so upset when I had to start taking medication–they put me on blood pressure, and cholesterol meds. I thought I was too young and I was really down about it. Having to take medication sure didn’t feel like God was answering my prayers for healing. After some time, they added a beta blocker to the list and that upset me even more.

    In Jason’s book, he shares his own personal story in the first chapter under a section called “Discovering God’s Direction for Your Health.” After reading it, I realized that the combined medications WERE God’s answer for me. I’ve never been healthier. I recently had a routine check-up and my blood pressure registered at 112/78!! I’m so glad Jason shared his story with us, he helped me to open my eyes to see God’s miracle and I’ve learned to embrace it and I’m so grateful to God because those meds are keeping me alive and well.

    God doesn’t always heal us immediately, He doesn’t always heal us in ways that we would like to be healed, and He heals us all differently. Keeping this in mind has changed so much for me. I’ve been blessed with spiritual eyes to see God’s miracles in my life now. What a wonderful blessing.

    I’m loving what I’m learning from this book. God is answering prayers in other areas of my life as well and I’m experiencing wonderful breakthroughs! I will keep spreading the word about this book and will keep sharing the great things that God is doing!

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