Editor Buzz: Book – The Day Satan Called

Bill Scott’s True Encounter with Demon Possession and Exorcism

Editor Buzz with FaithWords editor Joey Paul

The Day Satan Called, Bill ScottI was not raised to believe that demons and demon possession were an active, visible threat, to the Christian life. That concern was left to my more “charismatic” friends. In fact, until I met Bill Scott, I had never heard about anything remotely similar to what he had experienced. He shared with me a riveting personal account of demon possession and its devastating impact on his family.The result of my learning about his experience is Bill’s book The Day Satan Called. The book is his account of an excruciating 18-month period in his life. Out of Christian love he and his wife invited a young lady who was demon possessed and the member of an active satanic network into their home. They prayed with her and naively believed that they could help redeem someone who had witnessed and experienced unimaginable abuses.

What happened instead was loss of their home as a sanctuary. Voices. Deathly threats. Objects falling and moving. Strange visitors and callers. A loving church falling into turmoil. And yes the voice of Satan. Every day was filled with the dread of nightfall. Scott and his wife struggled with what to do next with the demon possessed girl because now their home was under attack. The Day Satan Called takes the reader through the Scotts’ challenges with evil spirits and what they had to do to overcome them, such as protecting their family, home, and what to do after the girl was gone but the demons had not left.

This is the account of a terrifying and incredible phenomenon. But ultimately, it is a testament to the power of God’s love, even over evil spirits.

While I didn’t lose sleep or have nightmares while editing Bill’s book, my personal assistant did and also others who have read the MSS. It’s that revealing, and apparently, that to some, that scary.

Bill Scott is the President and Founder of Xtreme Youth Alliance. Bill also writes a daily Bible study with 5,000 subscribers. He is a popular speaker with youth groups and on college campuses in the U.S. and throughout the world. Scott is a Christian radio consultant who personally conducts 50 on-air fundraising events each year. These events will be used to promote the book. The author is also signing with a speaker’s bureau that will take his talk about this experience on the road. He and his wife Janet reside in Spring Hill, Tennessee.

THE DAY SATAN CALLED pubs 10/11/11.

Joey Paul is an Executive Editor at FaithWords, an imprint of the Hachette Book Group.


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