FaithWords Celebrates 10 Years of Publishing

FaithWords. 10 years … 50 million books sold!

FaithWords Anniversary cake

This year is a huge milestone for our inspirational imprint, FaithWords. In September, we will celebrate our tenth year in publishing. Birthdays like this are significant, not just because they mark the passage of time, but because they mark the progress of effort. So much has happened that’s worth noting since we started.

We began this program in 2000 with a small staff of dedicated visionaries. Our first office was in the basement of an old schoolhouse in Nashville. Thank you Kathie, Preston, Paul and Leslie. We worked for a year to acquire, edit and promote our first list of books, and dreamed that we would be successful.

In the Fall of 2001 we published our inaugural catalog that featured such stellar authors as Jerry Jenkins and Patsy Clairmont. Karen Kingsbury, Tim LaHaye, Calvin Miller and Deborah Bedford were also with us from the beginning. I was in New York on Tuesday, September 11, 2001 to accompany Jerry Jenkins and Orel Hershiser who were scheduled to publicize their books for our first catalog. We had national media all lined up for a busy day of promotions. But events of that fateful day pre-empted our hopeful intentions for a big launch.

In spite of that inauspicious and unfortunate start, we eventually recovered and experienced a richness of accomplishments. Three events in particular stand out. In fact, they were major achievements of the decade in religious publishing:

• In 2002 we acquired the complete library of Joyce Meyer, the world’s best-selling female inspirational author. We have sold 20 million copies of her books in nine years.

• In 2004 we published the first book by Joel Osteen. YOUR BEST LIFE NOW sold more than 4 million copies domestically and 8 million copies in all editions.

• In 2008 we marketed and distributed THE SHACK by Wm. Paul Young. We have sold nine million copies of that remarkable novel.

During this decade, our Nashville division has shipped more than 59 million books. We have published more than 750 unique works and although they aren’t all bestsellers, we are proud of every one of them. This includes our relatively new imprint, Center Street, which features such well-known Christian authors as John Maxwell and Ted Dekker who write for the general market. The Center Street list is also noteworthy in its own right as a secular publishing imprint.

We may not know what the next decade will bring, especially with the emerging changes in technology, but we do know that our best days are ahead. We remain committed to talented authors, excellent books, and to the booksellers who have made it all possible.

This Fall we’re celebrating with the best catalog in the industry. Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer, John Eldredge, David Jeremiah lead our list of incredibly talented authors. They have sold millions of books in their past, and we look forward to millions more.

Here’s to many more great birthdays!

Rolf Zettersten
Publisher, FaithWords/Center Street

FaithWords banner logo

Rolf Zettersten launched the Warner Faith imprint in September 2001 with no backlist and a few titles under contract. But there was a passionate team of dedicated professionals, and it has been built into one of the most respected inspirational publishing programs in the industry. In the first nine years under Rolf’s direction FaithWords has sold more than 50 million books.


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  2. 5kidswdisabilities says:

    Congratulations on 10 years in publishing!!!!

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