Editor Buzz: Fall Fiction From FaithWords

Amish fiction and Christian vampires

Editor Buzz with Fiction Editor Christina Boys

There are two new fiction series we’re launching this fall that I’m really excited about, that are about as far apart as, well, day and night.

The Wounded Heart, Adina SenftThe first is the Amish Quilt trilogy by Adina Senft, which follows three Amish friends who meet once a week to work on a quilt. In the first novel, THE WOUNDED HEART, which comes out this September, we meet Amelia Beiler, a young widow and mother of two. In order to support her family, she has to run her late husband’s palette making shop, which is not something life has prepared her to do. Adina is a wonderful writer, and this novel feels like a little escape to a different world, which is what I think is so appealing about Amish fiction. She is also adding instructions so readers can make the quilt the three protagonists of the three books are working on throughout the series. In THE WOUNDED HEART, we learn how to make the block pattern. I made some pot holders based on the instructions, and finally figured out how to sew a proper mitered corner.

Kiss of Night, Debbie ViguieIn October we have quite a different series debuting with KISS OF NIGHT by New York Times bestselling author Debbie Viguié. It’s about a woman named Susan who goes to Prague for her grandmother’s funeral, and discovers a whole other world she never knew existed when she meets Raphael de Decazeville. Raphael was a ruthless knight during the Crusades who placed so little value on the lives of others that he was cursed to walk the earth as a vampire. What I love about Debbie’s series is that she has created a new mythology, drawing on scripture and finding ways to connect it to some of the common vampire lore. For instance, why would vampires exist? Why do crosses burn them? Do they really need to be invited in, and is there a way to keep them out? Can they find redemption?

Both Debbie and Adina are currently working on their second novels in their series, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store next for their characters!

THE WOUNDED HEART pubs 9/27/11.
KISS OF NIGHT pubs 10/7/11.

Christina Boys is a Fiction Editor at FaithWords and Center Street, imprints of the Hachette Book Group. You can find her on Twitter: @Cb00k


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