Passing it On, Miles Munroe

Growing Your Future Leaders

Passing it On, Miles MunroePASSING IT ON is a wake-up call. Myles Munroe wants all leaders to focus on building the right team for the future and to make it a top priority because the process is not a quick one. Properly mentoring the right people to ensure the continuation of an organization is actually a process that must be woven into that organization over a span of years or even decades.

Passing it On, Miles Munroe (link)
Published by FaithWords, May 25, 2011


One Response to Passing it On, Miles Munroe

  1. Ayuba Pam Dangwong says:

    Flipping through this thought provoking epistle, I couldn’t but hurriedly googled: Passing It On, on the net to know more about the book and author. I am indeed happy that my colleague in office, Barrister Ibrahim D Gyang saw the need to introduce me to the revealing power that lies in this book. I am happy and glad I listened to him as he shared with me the blessings he is enjoying in reading the book.

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