A Word from the Publisher

It is often said that the publishing business is more of an art than a science. This is especially true when it comes to predicting bestsellers. In spite of the author’s and publisher’s best efforts, it is often difficult to foretell which books will be propelled to the top of the national lists. There is no formula or blueprint that guarantees any book will be awarded that status. Of course, it begins with the craft and artistry of the author. If he or she delivers a great manuscript, then the publisher has the source material to apply best business practices to attain the attention the book deserves.

For the better part of a year we have been planning the release of two books that we believed were destined for success. We launched these books this Fall with aggressive marketing campaigns that included television commercials, print ads, online promotions and media interviews. Those kinds of efforts will often pop a book onto the list, but it’s word-of-mouth that sustains their position there. We got attention and placement for these titles, but we didn’t really know if the consumers would vote in large enough numbers to put them on the list.

This week FaithWords celebrates the appearance of both books in the top ten of The New York Times Bestseller list (Advice/How-To):

POWER THOUGHTS by Joyce Meyer.

POWER THOUGHTS, Joyce MeyerFor both of these remarkable authors, this week’s list represents a notable achievement. For David Jeremiah, it’s the first time he has had a #1. He has had a number of previous national bestsellers, but never a #1. For Joyce Meyer, who is also no stranger to the list, it’s the first time she has been in the top ten for four consecutive weeks. These books also appeared on the USA Today and Publishers Weekly lists.

Based on the sales reports from our national accounts and the reorders, it appears that both books will be residing on the lists for several weeks ahead.  We have reprinted them a number of times in the past few weeks as we anticipate the demand.

We are grateful that so many consumers have discovered and spread the word about these two very fine books by such talented (and artful) authors!

Rolf Zettersten
Publisher, FaithWords


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